Monday, December 28, 2009

Africa's Top 100 Websites

In the process of searching and sieving through thousands of websites in a bid to list the best links on, a thought struck me. Why not compile a list of the most exceptional  African websites.

I intend to have a list of websites which:

i) Have exceptional content.

ii) Have a good design/layout.

iii)  Are updated frequently.

iv) Are Africa based or have at least 80 percent African content.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the beginning of a list like no other; Africa's top 1oo websites!!! If you have any suggestions, post them and lets create a useful inventory for Africa's online community.


Highs: has well written, profound articles that cover African business extensively. Comments and contributions are allowed. 

The events section has a list of upcoming business occurrences in and out of Africa.

The profiles segment lets you know who's top in African business. 

Lows: The directory has less than 100 African companies listed. I hope in future there will be more entries.


Highs: Officially this is the first blog I have come across that has an interesting list of artists and galleries across Africa. It is worth checking out for those keen on African art....

3. is a social networking website whose theme is "Connecting Africa". I like whive. The website is easy to use and has features that give facebook a run for its money. 

Whive's theme colour is yellow. The shade used is just enough to make the site appeal to the eyes, yet it is equally not overwhelming. There are plenty of applications to play with, but they do not compromise the website's loading time per page. Whive gets two thumbs up!!

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