Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cafe Des Arts, Nairobi, Kenya: Lunch, 15th September 2009

Sue Deiters is simply put charming. You would mistake her for a softspoken young Zimbabwean girl, while the truth of the matter is she is your defination of an upcoming entrepreneur, your new school no nonsense African woman. I shall spare you the feminist chat and proceed to the point.

Cafe Des Arts has a brand new menu, and Chef. Gaby is a genius. Not only did my fish melt in my mouth (a rare occurance in Africa), broccoli never tasted better. I savoured my fish and tenderly let it stimulate taste glands I never thought existed! As if that wasnt enough, Sue let me taste her chicken sandwich. I am extremely picky about sandwiches. They have to be toasted to my liking, and the components should be in harmony, none overpowering the other. You guessed it, I was in awe if this sandwich of the gods.

Colin, a good friend from the Canadian Embassy summed it up, there is actually a really great restaurant in Nairobi, one whose menu measures up internationally. Keep it up Sue!!

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