Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A piece of heaven on earth....Wasini Luxury Homes, Nairobi, Kenya

The first time I strolled into Wasini Luxury Homes last year I was deeply enchanted. To my delight I still feel the same way today. 

The concept is simple, serviced apartments for that constant traveler who seeks the comfort of a soft warm bed to rest in after a gruesome day of attending conferences and closing deals. The brilliant decor is tastefully done, as is the in-house restaurant, Clubhouse, gym and Spa. Internet connectivity is easily the fastest I have encountered in Nairobi.

Set in one of the best neighborhoods in Nairobi, Wasini Luxury Homes puts all other furnished, serviced apartments to shame. They excel in a aspects of the service they deliver. The staff is ever-smiling and genuinely soothing, to a point where I dread my departure!

After tedious hours spent hunched over my laptop, I could not possibly resist the charm of the bewitching jacuzzi, which truly replenished my fatigued self. The next time you're in Nairobi, there is only one sanctuary of choice, Wasini Luxury Homes!

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