Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Kenya Events Festival & Conferences Forum, 22-23 April 2010

Kenya will for the first time host a forum in events, festivals and conferences in April this year.
Makini College and the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) have partnered to hold this ‘first of its kind’ forum that will help develop an international benchmark for events and enable standardization of competency in event management in the region.
The two – day event will take place on the 22nd- 23rd April 2010 at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre. The aim of the conference is to provide a professional learning experience for all stake holders involved in the Events Industry.
Among the attendees will be the following top event Gurus from around the world, who will join Kenyan event organizers in discussing way forward in the event industry. They will include: William O’Toole, Events Development Specialist for Abu Dhabi city, New Zealand and Scotland governments, Eva Schausberger, Director, Foreign Credential Recognition at Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council and Janet Langley, of South African, among other local stakeholders.
The events industry has been around for a while, but has not had a stable foundation in Kenya; most of the event managers in the country are not aware that international standards for holding events/conferences exist. Kenya has no specific body that recognizes event organizers and persons who derive their wellbeing from the industry. Hence, this event will bring out the importance of developing competency based standards, forming association for professional organizers and forming professional programmes that are relevant to event / conference/ festival managers.
The event hopes to:
• To develop a competency based standard with industry for event managers and the event industry.
• To develop a Forum that brings all stakeholders to learn about event management
• To develop relevant programmes in event management.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the forum are:
• How to bid for events
• How to promote and develop events
• Risk management and analysis of an event
• How to measure ROI on event sponsorship
• How to develop competency-based standards for event management
• How to benchmark event safety standards
• To develop internationally recognized training programs in event management

Who can participate? The event has attracted interest from corporate, government, non-governmental organizations, hotels & tour operators, churches and religious forums as well as independent event organizers and event service providers.
An exciting programme of events is lined up for participants that includes a forum where the guest speakers will address topical issues; break out sections where group discussions will be formed, a workshop which the attendees will be rewarded with a certificate, and an exhibition that will go on during the conference to allow sponsors to showcase their products and services.
We would like your media house to attend this event and accord it coverage.

For more information please contact:
Silvia Mochorwa
KICC (+254 724 274 170)
Tel: +254 20 247277
Amelia Watindi
Tel: +254 20 24 98 759

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