Tuesday, July 6, 2010

African Pleasures Presents Hand Made Cards by Kenya's Tasha

Tasha is a cheerful, passionate designer with a deep seated desire to make a difference through hand crafted art.

www.infoafricanow.com was pleased to have a chat with her...

Infoafricanow.com: What does African Pleasures do?

Tasha: We sell whole sale hand made cards to individuals and shops around East Africa. We have dealt with Silverbird, Village Market, Chakacha, Undugu, Tazama Africa, Serena Hotels, Blue Elephant and Marula Studios. We are currently working on an online store which will expand our market.

Infoafricanow.com: How did you start designing cards?

Tasha: I started in 2008. I had previously been involved in several other ventures. Once I tapped into my creative side there was no turning back!

Infoafricanow.com: How much are your cards?

Tasha: We sell them at wholesale and retail prices. On average the cards cost three to five dollars.

Infoafricanow.com: How did you link up with Cards from Africa?

Tasha: I contacted Cards from Africa and requested to be one of their agents. I was very pleased when they accepted my offer. I am now their sole agent in Kenya.

Infoafricanow.com: What difficulties have you encountered so far?

Tasha: Well, a lot of Kenyans do not really appreciate hand made crafts. As a result, most of my clients are tourists and expatriates

Infoafricanow.com: What are your future plans?

Tasha: I hope to create a market for those making hand crafted items. I look forward to acting as a channel for all those creative artists who need an outlet for their beautiful work. Currently, I stock Cards designed using banana fiber by Kenyan artist.

I also wish to promote our cards for all seasons of the year. We have cards for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Weddings, Celebrating a newborn child, Birthdays, Get Well Soon Cards General cards and much more.

The cards are custom made. We can also make them in bulk if orders are made in advance.

For more information, contact Tasha on +254 20 2365786. She can be reached via email on africanpleasures@gmail.com

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