Monday, July 19, 2010

Introducing the Delightful Sydney Based Moroccan Feast Restaurant. had the great pleasure of interacting with Australia's Moroccan Feast. Here is what the charming restaurant has to offer the world:

"In the heart of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, we created a
Moroccan atmosphere, which through its traditional themes, colours,
scents and flavours, transports you to far away Morocco.

Our dishes are cooked and served in the centuries-old tradition that
has been passed down from Moroccan mother to daughter for many
generations…with the number one rule in mind that guarantees that
special taste: To cook from the heart!

The Moroccan kitchen has a rich history and its dishes provide bountiful
variety, so every few months at Moroccan Feast, we will add, change and
improve our current offerings. That way you won’t just have your
favourites, but you’ll have a reason to come back and try out our
different Feasts…

We would like to share the world of Moroccan cooking with you.

A mix of dishes from our menu will be explained in our private cooking
demonstrations which are held periodically. If you are interested,
please join our mailing list or check out our news on our website.

Moroccan Feast would love to help you celebrate any occasion with our unique,
warm culture of fantastic hearty food, belly dancing and music.

We are available for private and corporate events. Please contact us for more information. Enjoy your feast!"

Yariv Rozen,
Moroccan Feast

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