Thursday, August 5, 2010

Five Minutes with Augustine of Burundi Access

Augustine is the brains behind Burundi Access, a website which provides information on Burundi for tourism purposes. What are the five major tourism attractions in Burundi?

Augustine: Kirundo Birds Lake, Karera Falls, Nile Source Monument, Pierre Livingstone Monument and Rusizi National Park What are the five least unknown attractions in Burundi?

Augustine: Lake Dogodogo spring waters, Teza tea plantations, Bukeye Royal tombs, Kigwena Chimpanzees and Cibitoke World war German tombs As a Tour Operator in Burundi, what advice would you give those planning to visit Burundi in future?

Augustine: Travellers to Burundi should rely on some travel agencies or tours
operators information. I say this because, it is not easy to find great travel news on Burundi tourism even through the national tourism office. How has can Burundi make use of the Internet to attract more

Augustine: Burundians don't believe Internet can help them attract tourists to
Burundi ,that's the reason I decided to build my website where I can
publish what we can offer in Burundi in terms of travel services ,hotel
,car rental ,travel agents , and other services people can search from
internet .

People build a website but once they are finished, few try to promote
their company through internet. They believe building a website is enough .
I wrote an article about this How has the Government of Burundi supported the tourism sector?

Augustine: I can say Burundi Government has not yet thought about the power or importance of the tourism sector in the country development.
Government officials have for a long time considered tourism sector as unproductive sector .


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