Monday, August 16, 2010

Kenya's Vivian Akinyi Achieng of Sherekea Charity Fund, Inc, New York

One of our goals as is to connect the African Diaspora with Africa, informing our brothers and sisters across the oceans of the good things going on back home. Hence it is with great enthusiasm that we had a word with Vivian Akinyi Achieng, the founder of Sherekea Charity Fund, Inc which is a New York based non-profit organization. Vivian recently won the 2010 Jamhuriwood Humanitarian & Non-profit Award

Sherekea Charity Fund, Inc. has the key goal of provide East Africans with the basic human needs of food, water and shelter, with emphasis onWomen and Children, Orphans, and HIV/AIDS victims. What are the challenges Sherekea Charity Fund has encountered so far?

Vivian: Where do i start? everyday is a challenge. We encountered many challenges in
our first clean water project, bad management, drought, flood and luck of
communications. Such things might come across and will make you even stronger
everyday. What advice do you have for Africans in the diaspora who wish to start projects back home?

Vivian: Write down a plan, follow your dream, vision and choose your partners,
friends, management and contractor wisely. And last, stay true to yourself. Has the Kenyan Government been supportive of your projects?

Vivian: We haven't ask for any help yet from Kenyan government. What are your future plans as the founder of Sherekea?

Our goal and vision is to provide Africans with the basic human needs of
water, food, sanitation and shelter, and focus on those most in need: Women and
Children, Orphans, and HIV/AIDS victims.

"Sherekea" also, creates an opportunity for small scale philanthropic giving
that promotes education, job creation, traditional culture and artistic
expression throughout East Africa What impact did winning the Jamhuriwood Award have on you?

Vivian: Nothing is more rewarding when you get a recognition from your
people/community. It's humbling, rewarding, inspiring and up lifting in every
level. Love and acknowledgments is what we all need everyday....

"To all Africans in the diaspora, lets talk the talk, walk the walk, by being
active in our communities".
If is not you? then who?

Help us save a village!


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  2. This would be of great help to rest of the people in Kenya. This would surely make a big difference specially the promotion of education jobs.