Thursday, September 2, 2010

Presenting Sierra Leone's Creative Maryzo Designs...

Maryzo Designs is a unique fashion house based in Freetown. They have a wide range of products which appeals to all ages. Their beautiful print coupled with excellent design choices has led to the production of stunning products.... What products does Maryzo designs have to offer Africa?

Maryzo Designs: We offer elegant and stylish African clothing and accessories at affordable prices.
Mixing modern with African fabrics, we create beautiful garments for clients of all ages and genders. Where can a potential client find your products?

Maryzo Designs: Clients in Freetown Sierra Leone (West Africa) can visit my workshop at 8i Thompson Bay Road off Wilkinson Road.
Our website is currently under construction but for the meantime clients in other parts of the world can contact me through email at, through our facebook page or group Maryzo Designs What challenges have you faced as a designer based in Sierra Leone?

Maryzo Designs: For me It has been the fact that people tend to take you as just a tailor.
They don’t appreciate your time and effort as a designer, and therefore they don’t want to pay for your services. The lack of sponsorships, and because of the way the Sierra Leonean market is, we have trouble getting access to some of the materials we need, and sometimes have to buy them overseas which can be costly. What advice would you give to upcoming African designers?

Maryzo Designs: I would say follow your dream, but keep in mind that fashion is a very tough and competitive industry.
Find yourself a mentor; It is always better to learn from someone who’s been through it. What can African governments do to support African designers?

Maryzo Designs: The fashion industry is not just about making clothes, it’s about understanding the business as well.
So for many parts of Africa we need designing schools or business related courses, which can be provided by the government. What are your future plans? Will you open branches in other African countries?

Maryzo Designs: We plan on developing and expanding the line, I am hoping the launch of a website will help us reach out to a wider clientele, both in Africa and abroad.
And yes we do plan on opening other branches in Africa, maybe in some of Sierra Leone’s neighboring countries to start with.

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  1. would love to purchase some of your products but am based in london how can i order from you